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Madison Metropolitan School District

About Us

At Lindbergh, we value our entire school community. The heart of the Lindbergh school community is our students, staff, and families. It is our responsibility to work collaboratively to ensure that every Lindbergh community member is seen, heard, valued, included, and able to succeed. We strive to provide a physically and emotionally safe school environment where all Lindbergh community members can take learning risks and be active participants in the learning process.

Having high academic standards as well as meeting students’ social and emotional needs to ensure they are successful not only at Lindbergh during their elementary years, but all the way through their education is our priority for all students. Communication, collaborative problem solving, and building strong partnerships among Lindbergh community members is essential to meeting the needs of all students.

School Equity Vision

In our Flyer commUNITY, we engage in constant reflection and adjustment to ensure the growth of every learner. We elevate the experiences of our Black and Brown students by listening and striving to create a safe and welcoming environment where all learners can take risks, learn from mistakes, and be their authentic selves. We will not be satisfied until our students feel they belong and feel successful at our school.

There is a name change pending for Lindbergh Elementary.

We at Lindbergh Elementary fully support the name change request by members of our community; the request is currently in process and could take several years to be completed. We proudly refer to ourselves as Flyers, and our commUNITY as a Flyer Family. For more information on this request, please see this document:

Lindbergh re-naming proposal to MMSD Supt Jenkins


Three smiling students in the library