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Lindsay Maglio

Dear Lindbergh Families,

Welcome back to a new school year at Lindbergh Elementary!  

We are so excited about the 2018-2019 school year and are very happy to have students back in the hallways at Lindbergh!  Hopefully you all had a chance to see that Lindbergh is leading the district with making the most growth toward reading proficiency across the district.  We have increased 34% in the number of students reading at proficiency in the past 5 years due to all of our hard work.  I know with our talented and dedicated staff and families, that we will do even better this year!  Check out our success in the annual report here

At Lindbergh we believe in continuous growth.  We will be in our first year of implementing the district's new math curriculum, Bridges in Mathematics.  We also will focus on partnering with students to provide specific feedback on their progress throughout the year. We will continue to host academic success nights where families can learn more about how to support the work we are doing at home. We believe family partnerships are critical and necessary for our students. 

At Lindbergh, our equity vision guides everything we do! Along with the district, we will continue to work toward being more culturally responsive for our students.  We will continue to focus on building trust and strong relationships with our students and families. 

As always, your voice is critical!  Please feel free to share your concerns and any ideas or thoughts with us.  We look forward to another amazing year at Lindbergh.

Lindsay Maglio
Lindsay Maglio